What is Heart String Marionette?

Heart String Marionette is an independent animated feature film released in 2012.

The film was created as a collaboration between animated film director M dot Strange and composer Endika. Heart String Marionette is an underground film created by passionate underground artists.

The film was created on a shoe string budget in San Jose California. The film was totally independent. Neither M dot nor Endika received any kind of sponsorship, compensation or grants from any company or organization to make this film. It was a complete labor of love that pushed both artists to their limits and beyond.

“Amazing. Beautiful. Touching. I loved every frame. Watched it twice already”

Why have I never heard of this film?

The film took four years to make with the budget coming from crowd funding and out of the pockets of the artists. By the time it was done M dot and Endika were tired and broke and didn’t have the money, time or energy to put into properly promote or release the film. So they quietly released it onto the internet selling it personally from this website.

“I must have watched this movie 10 times by now lol”

Why should I watch this film?

Because it is unlike anything you have ever experienced before, guaranteed. So if you are looking for a new powerful audio visual experience in the form of a totally berserk original animated feature film than Heart String Marionette is for you! Also by purchasing the film you’re supporting two passionate artists working completely out of the system so that they can create unique, original, risk taking powerful works for you.

“just finished watching it. it was amazing, never seen anything like it. your a genius mad man”

Why do some of the trailers say “you will die… inside”

Once you watch the film you will understand this tagline.

“it is fucking deep, gave me shivers! It was well worth the wait, I fucking enjoyed the shit out of watching it, as I will when I watch it again, and again, and again :)